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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Religion as i know is a way of life,  a channel through which the Almighty GOD is worshiped. I know and beleive that the creator has given every creature the freedom to choose who or what to worship, that is after enabling Man to descern between Good and Evil. Religion I know is supposed to be a thing of the heart, a personal mater though share able with others. Only the creator I know has the right to judge the created for worshing the right creator the wrong way and vise versa. the lovely duty and responsibility of the created is to share ideas, encourage the weak spiritually but not to take the place of GOD as judge,to the extend of taking lives. Can man be good and holy to that state?,those who have actually
come in contact with a living GOD, the Creator, and lover of man kind of all races should not be so wicked as to take lives; a role that is not even theirs. True beleivers should show LOVE but not segregation, partiality,and wickedness of all sort.The true creator loves the sinner, it is the sin that He hates. GOD is never happy when a sinner dies in his sins; that is why he provides time by being patient for the sinner to get  preached to by those  already saved. 

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