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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


How often do you take fluid into your system, especially water?.can you remember that water makes about 50-70% of the human body?. Virtually all reactions take pace in aqueous medium including those of our body systems.The water content of our body systems determines its concentration and  homeostasis. Dilution and frequent elimination of waste products of the body metabolism is one of the benefits of much fluids intake and as an individual I drink about one liter of water every morning before meal and it has been a wonderful experience. what of coffee drink do you think people
that do ,do it for fun?, it's more than just fun friend, science is still discovering,while for now drinking coffee is known to reduce or prevent cancer of the is actually cheap as the saying goes "the best things in and of life are free," is  it water or the coffee that you cant afford?. I am however sure that these thing will be costly if you purchase them with the currency of doubt, or reluctance.Try after all  trying has never been a crime.  

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