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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Who Else Can We Trust

Does the word trust still exist?. If yes, does it still have meaning?. And if it does, is the meaning still the same as we knew it from our cultures, and traditions? , from our religious doctrines and believes?.
Someone is already saying yes ,but wait; have you also notice that some pastors, Imams, Arch bishops, Reverend fathers (Men of God)  are conspicuously pioneers or associates of lies and liars, cheating, corruption, segregation, violence, idolatry, immorality and all sort of atrocities and carnality?(Jer 23:14,7:9,3:9).

Are you not a Nigerian? , what can you say about your leaders?. When last was your community honoured through fulfilled campaign promises, or haven’t you witness an open session of our leaders lying and supporting even violence with pride?.  Even if you are a foreigner, I put it to you that you have no reason to claim ignorance of the happening on this terrain, except if you are so bad an egg, that you can’t sense around your habitat any longer.
What about our youths?, this reminds me of the innocently drugged and strangled late Cynthia Osukogu  by some two evil minded satanic cousins( Okumo Nwabufo,and Ezekie Oliseloka) assume ably said to be our leaders of tomorrow; well let safe this for next time.

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