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Monday, 26 June 2017


What really is corruption, and who actually is corrupt?
Over some time now I get confused with the expressions and usage of the term corruption. it appears some Nigerians for reasons best known to them have been presbyopic about corruption thus degrading its coverage to just bribery, money laundry, diversion, mismanagement, looting and few other selected crimes portrayed as being fought against openly currently. Do you really know what corruption stand for, get your dictionary and educate yourself to avoid being fooled, but before then this is my understanding of the word corruption.
Corruption is an act of moral perversion; depravity, perversion of integrity, breach of trust, demoralization, contempt and dishonest proceedings, exploitation, misrepresentation skimming,debased form of word, language or text, rottenness and nepotism. In light of the foregoing who should be seen as corrupt in Nigeria?  
Politically including the current leadership  of the nation who is corruption free, and what is the name of the current method adopted for fighting corruption, or are you also pretending not know those leaders whose activities satisfies the definition above or from your search?. The truth is when the blind lead the blind they will all crash into a pit and that is our current situation as a nation.
Our leaders at all levels are either elected , nominated or traditionally recognized by all as citizens of this country to represent us in any space or contraption  called a community, LG, or state, but what do we see especially now that people allow themselves to be fooled that corruption is being fought and defeated.
In fact, my heart bleeds when I listen to comments and utterances from our so-called political elites and leaders. They are double standard saying one thing when it is to their favour and vice versa. It is unfortunate and a shame.
What is the composition of our federal, state and even LG appointments today? These sensitive issues are being handled with sentiments and our corruption sensors does not seem detect any of these.  Nations where development and growth is the target, corruption is fought aiming at carrying every one along thus ensuring fairness, equity,  and justice.
Any sane citizen knows that Nigeria belong to all of us, but surprisingly you hear some  persons speak as if it is their personal property while others are tenants and such mad ones have never tried doing anything  in the whole of their lives the normal way. It’s a pity.
Less I forget to ask this question, have you ever bothered to check our admission, appointment, and other national beneficiary lists, check one and you will confirm my claims yet the same people shout of being marginalized. Propaganda as I know is a sin and sin must be punished; my joy is that God is not man for that he can’t be mocked.
what is the position of the laws of our land on fire arms?, yet there are special people who carry these contraband items around with license to even take lives of others, or yes otherwise show  me a single arrest made by either the Police or DSS in any part of this country since this nonsense started, then  you tell me we are fighting corruption?.Pretense is corruption and this indicts our leaders at all levels.
We all lie to be a religious; religion even paganism, teaches equality, equity, justice, and fairness, yes I have heard this being preached among all Nigerian religions but do we practice same if it’s true that religion is a way of life. our religious, and traditional leaders have joined the band wagon  by the  earlier definition of corruption, they have become even more corrupt  than the political elites who are not just economical with the truth, but selfish, insensitive, dishonest, misrepresenting and shamefully disappointing. Imagine this scenario where a traditional ruler instead of frowning and taking a stance, ends up begging a governor to please pay civil servants what is their constitutional right, all because they have belittled and sold their birth right for money. What a disgrace!
The constitutional immunity clause for Nigerian political office holders is a serious crack accommodating and licensing corruption. Is that what obtains in developed nations? I thought we are good copiers, but why do we hate to copy good things?
We anticipated change, because we were assured of putting a stop to corruption, but to our dismay, the change government can’t even hold her governors accountable for funds she dispensed for specific purposes. The commoners on their part always confirms their madness because they are either not paid or paid any percentage an elected governor wakes up and decides on as salary, but you unbelievably see and hear some of these stupid fools still singing praises and expressing allegiance to the same governors on either tribal or religious grounds.
The bitter truth is that you can’t just hold to the handle of sentimental dispensation of justice and expect good follower ship, peace, development and growth, because you can only fool some people sometimes but never all the people all the time.  God is watching and because he is just, at the appropriate time he will compensate every one according to his/her did whether good or bad. 

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